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  • If I may ask you, how would you determine the proper Lot Size to use for a position so as not to risk more than 2% of your account balance per position?

  • How do you guard yourself against overexposure while trading the financial market?

  • I mean how would you know how much of your account balance is @Risk altogether so as not to over expose your account which may eventually lead to margin calls and/or stop out levels where your broker is forced to close your positions in loss? (popularly called “account crash”)

moneyrisk management trading tool

Proper Position Sizing & Risk Management
Well, many traders only take trades while neglecting the most important part of trading – Proper Position Sizing & Risk Management. This is key and the most important part of trading. Efficient Money Management & Risk Management Techniques is the backbone of emotion-free trading. It means, if you want to stay profitable consistently in the financial market Year-in-Year-out then you need to ensure strict adherence to Money Management and Risk Management rules at all times.

moneyrisk management trading tool

Unfortunately, this crucial part of trading is often neglected by traders and this is a very big mistake and the genesis of the many problems.

moneyrisk management trading tool

Traders often look for strategies with high win rates whereas in fact, one can earn very good money in the financial market with only 40% to 50% winning rate. Is this possible? Yes it is!

How is it possible to earn good money with such a low winning rate? The magic is in proper position sizing and risk management (your Risk : Reward Ratio). A video showing how this is possible with account proof is here.

Moneyrisk management tool

Moneyrisk management tool

Moneyrisk management tool

Some More Screenshots

Moneyrisk management tool

Position sizing calculation is often complicated and boring task. Now with the MoneyRisk Management Tool, everything becomes easy and automatically calculated. The MoneyRisk Management Trading Tool is an exclusive utility tool to process all calculations related to position sizing and risk which is considered the MOST IMPORTANT part of trading.

Features & Benefits

  • Now you do not need to worry about account overexposure.
  • It comes in a very simple user-friendly buttons that will process all calculations with few inputs.
  • You are able to quantify your risk before taking your trades.
  • You are able have a good understanding of your risk profile at a glance.
  • You will even get notifications / warnings once you have reached your risk tolerance bands.
  • You can conveniently move virtual lines, add multiple TP levels and still stay within your permissible risks per trade.
  • Your opened positions are automatically moved to preset breakeven points even while you sleep (if set to run on VPS).
  • You can place Instant orders using the Market button (SELL/BUY) at current market price with multiple TP levels all at just a single mouse click.
  • You can also place pending orders (SELL STOP, BUY STOP, SELL LIMIT, BUY LIMIT) using the Pending Button with multiple TP levels all still at a single mouse click Watch the MoneyRisk tool in action
  • You completely guard yourself against high risk exposures making you far away from margin call points.
  • You have a complete information about your Risk Reward Ratio even before taking a trade. With this, you can work towards an average of 1:3 Risk:Reward Ratio and earn very good money in the financial market even with only 40% to 50% winning rate trading system.
  • You have a display of virtual lines showing you the size of trade in USD, profit in USD, Profit in Pips amount and the % gain for that trade even before taking the position.
  • Wait wait, that is not all

  • The MoneyRisk Management Utility tool will also split your position while ensuring you stay within your preset risk level. You can take 3 trades or more and still not risking more than 1% or 2% of your account as set by you.
  • It also gives you a summary table to display your current open positions and trade records so you understand your open positions, expected gains, total risk as well as portfolio Risk: Reward Ratio.
  • Not only that, It also displays your history trade records for better understanding of your account performance over the set period.
  • If you are a signal provider then this tool also saves you from a whole lot of stress. It copies the order positions you have taken to clipboard. All you need to do is simply go to your Telegram, Whatsapp or whatever platform you use in servicing your members and press (CTRL+C) to paste. Quite easy and simple!
  • Wait wait, that is not all

  • You can install on unlimited MT4 accounts
  • You get an unrestricted access on unlimited PCs
Moneyrisk management trading tool

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